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At Blue Mountain Energy, we are your partners in driving progress through innovative products.

Discover cutting-edge energy solutions with Blue Mountain Energy as your trusted partner. We will help you overcome energy challenges, unleash innovative solutions, leverage the potential of data, and enhance building efficiency. Prioritizing sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility, we are dedicated to crafting a more vibrant energy future tailored just for you.

Heat Pump (GHP) Systems

The Gas Heat Pump uses an internal combustion engine, to power the AC’s internal components instead of utility supplied electricity. The engine supports both Natural Gas and Propane configurations and has delivered electrical savings, both at time of construction and on a monthly basis, for hundreds of institutions nationwide. The Gas Heat Pump offers three configurations for delivering BTUs to a building; either using a Daikin VRV®Air Handlers, a Hydronic Heat Pump Energy Exchanger or select Dedicated Outdoor Air systems.

Innovative Gas-Powered Heat Pump Technology

Our gas-powered heat pump systems integrate the efficiency of heat pumps with the reliability of gas technology. This harmonious combination ensures consistent performance, significant energy savings, and a reduced environmental footprint. While not revolutionary, our focus is on delivering practical innovations that enhance your HVAC experience.

Efficient Heating and Cooling with Gas

Experience efficient heating and cooling with Blue Mountain Energy's gas-powered systems. These systems extract heat from the air, providing warmth in colder conditions, and reverse the process for cooling during warmer seasons. Enjoy year-round comfort without the limitations of traditional methods.

Environmental Responsibility

Blue Mountain Energy prioritizes environmental sustainability. Our gas-powered heat pump systems utilize cleaner energy sources, contributing to lower emissions and increased energy efficiency. While not revolutionary, our commitment to responsible practices aligns with the broader movement towards greener HVAC solutions.

Reliability and Performance

Trust in the reliability and performance of Blue Mountain Energy's gas-powered heat pump systems. Rigorous testing ensures consistent and efficient heating and cooling, offering peace of mind for your HVAC needs. Our focus is on providing a dependable solution without claiming to be revolutionary.

Aisin GHP

The Aisin Gas Heat Pump (GHP) air conditioning system runs on clean-burning gaseous fuels such as natural and propane gas. It utilizes the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A. By using gas as a power source, the Aisin GHP optimizes energy source structures, balancing electricity and fuel gas. This design is especially effective in reducing power loads, particularly during peak periods, promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. Models include AXGP096E1NHS, AXGP180E1NHS, AWGP180PHSD.


The AWS (Air Water System) Heat Pump Energy Exchanger enables the GHP to deliver BTUs via a buildings existing water systems. Retrofits of 2, 3 or 4 pipe and multi-zone hydronic heating and cooling systems start here. The exchanger enables select SpacPac, Dadanco Active Chill Beams, and Sterling Hydronic HVAC components are complementary products depending upon your implementation details.

Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

BlueMountain Energy remote monitoring services offers clients the ability toremotely manage connected equipment on a dedicated and secure networkinfrastructure.  Additionalremote-technical support and diagnostics offers clients and technicians furtherinsight into equipment operations for prompt resolutions.  Lastly, enhanced data collection allowsclients to gauge historical equipment performance and predictive maintenanceintervals.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems

Blue Mountain Energy presents advanced Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems crafted to enhance energy utilization across various applications. As industry leaders, we specialize in providing dependable and cost-effective CHP solutions, ensuring an efficient approach to fulfilling your heating and power requirements.

Sustainable Energy Generation

Blue Mountain Energy's CHP systems, also known as cogeneration, demonstrate our unwavering commitment to sustainability. By concurrently producing electricity and capturing generated heat, our systems offer superior efficiency and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional power and heating setups. Make a positive impact on both your energy costs and environmental footprint with our innovative CHP solutions.

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Costs

We offer a holistic approach to product R&D, ensuring a successful journey from idea to eOur CHP systems empower you to maximize energy efficiency and achieve substantial cost savings. The integrated generation of electricity and capture of waste heat eliminate inefficiencies associated with separate power and heating systems. Experience a streamlined and cost-effective approach to energy consumption, helping you reduce overall expenses.xecution.

Efficient Electricity Generation

Blue Mountain Energy's CHP systems excel in simultaneous electricity generation and heat utilization. As electricity is produced, the accompanying waste heat is efficiently utilized, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient use of energy resources. Waste Heat Recovery for Diverse Applications.

Tailored CHP Solutions for Diverse Applications

Explore our range of CHP systems designed to meet the diverse energy needs of industries and commercial enterprises. Whether you're seeking a compact solution for specific applications or a robust system for larger-scale operations, Blue Mountain Energy has the right CHP solution for you. Our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the ideal system tailored to your specific requirements.


YANMAR’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system uses an internal combustion engine, powered by clean natural gas, to produce both heat and electric power.

Available Models include the CP35D1

Avus 550-2,000 kW

The 2G Avus product line is built for big tasks. With a highly-efficient 2G power plant for high electrical power consumption (above 500 kW) which is used in larger industrial projects or for supplying micro grids.

  • The modular built systems include all components and are easy to install.
  • Interconnection of multiple units allows for higher electrical output.
  • A master control system enables synchronization and load sharing up to 5 modules.
  • Efficient running mode and operation times due to excellent engine quality
  • Island mode/black start capable
Agenitor 100-450 kW

The agenitor by 2G is the result of intensive work by the 2G research and development team. Improving combustion chamber geometry has made it possible to increase the efficiency of the agenitor significantly.

  • Highly efficient power plant with optimized gas engine
  • Modular design facilitates installation in hard to reach places
  • Very reliable even in regular start-stop operation thanks to wear-resistant engine components
  • Resilient and low-maintenance
  • Available as a twin pack configuration with two modules per container for twice the power

Aura 100-150 kW

Equipped with 2G’s proprietary Lambda 1 technology and low-charged turbocharger, it is also characterized by extremely low exhaust emissions and meets, in particular, the increasingly stringent requirements for low nitrogen oxide limits.

  • Low emissions
  • High heat efficiency
  • Reliable, service-friendly motor
  • Specifically higher performance than 15% of conventional systems with the same displacement
  • Designed as ready-to-connect compact module

G-box 50-60 kW

The g-box is 2G’s profitable small power plant with an electrical output of up to 60 kW. The connection-ready module includes a control cabinet with PLC controller. While the powerful unit works extremely efficient, the low noise output makes it suitable for various applications like hotels, offices or residential buildings.

  • Connection-ready for easy integration
  • Compact design requires minimal space for installation
  • Super-silent and fully enclosed compact module (max 55 dB(A) at a distance of 3 ft)
  • Very economical – highest thermal efficiencies through condensing technology
  • Completely water-cooled – no need for costly installation of air ducts
  • High availability, reliability and low-maintenance
  • Island mode/black start capable

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

VRF (variable refrigerant flow) ductless and ducted air handlers are used with GHP products to meet the challenge of heating and cooling by providing independent temperature control in multi-zoned buildings. Discover cutting-edge heating and cooling solutions with our range of VRF systems. At Blue Mountain Energy, we specialize in distributing and installing top-of-the-line VRF systems, including those from leading brands like Yanmar. Our commitment is to help you save on energy costs while embracing eco-friendly practices.

Environmentally Conscious Heating and Cooling

Yanmar VRF systems stand out as one of the most environmentally friendly options for heating and cooling. Utilizing natural gas, these systems significantly reduce emissions, producing 80% less NOx, 100% less SOx, and 35% less CO2 compared to coal-based systems. By choosing Yanmar VRF, you contribute to the preservation of our precious natural resources.

Achieve up to 90% Energy Cost Reduction

Experience substantial savings on your energy bills with Yanmar VRF heating and cooling systems. Thanks to the direct consumption of natural gas, VRF systems eliminate the losses incurred in traditional electricity delivery. Say goodbye to energy wastage through power lines, transformers, and power stations. With VRF, you can expect your units to provide almost 100% of the energy needed for efficient climate control.

Cooling & Heating Efficiency with VRF

Indoor unit coils capture ambient heat, transferring it into refrigerant lines and then to the refrigerant. This heat is transported to the outdoor unit, where fan motors expel it into the outside air. Outdoor unit coils capture heat from the outside air, even at 0°F, retaining 85% usable heat. This heat is transferred to the refrigerant, passed through refrigerant lines, and distributed by indoor unit fan motors, providing warmth to your space.

Tailored VRF Systems for Different Needs

Explore our range of VRF systems, including the Yanmar 2 pipe and 3 pipe options. The 2 pipe system is ideal for smaller structures, offering economic efficiency and reliable heating and cooling. On the other hand, the 3 pipe system provides precise control for different zones, allowing simultaneous cooling and heating as needed. Whether you seek consistent temperature maintenance or specific climate control for varied spaces, our VRF systems are the ultimate choice.

Yanmar Hydro Box

As an air-to-water system, the gas engine heat pump situated in the outside area is connected in classic split construction with the Hydrobox positioned inside the building. Frost protection measures can thus be dispensed with.The system is suitable for monovalent operation as a result of the internal use of the engine and exhaust heat. Moreover, this heat is used for defrosting the registers without heating interruption.This system solution is used in new and existing buildings and is not just suitable for commercial applications but also for industrial and process applications.


The YANMAR Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) natural gas heat pump system provides a flexible way to efficiently heat and cool many different types of buildings. By using natural gas to power a YANMAR gas engine, YANMAR’s VRF system is able to reduce electrical costs by 90% and lower average operating costs by 30% over a standard electric system.


The YANMAR Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) natural gas heat pump system provides a flexible way to efficiently heat and cool many different types of buildings. By using natural gas to power a YANMAR gas engine, YANMAR’s VRF system is able to reduce electrical costs by 90% and lower average operating costs by 30% over a standard electric system. Models include NNCP096J, NNCP120J, NNCP144J, NNCP168J.

Daikin's VRV Technology

Over 30 years ago, Daikin pioneered and patented VRV® (Variable Refrigerant Volume) technology, setting the standard for advanced air conditioning solutions. Today, Daikin continues to lead globally as an innovator and provider of cutting-edge HVAC systems. Renowned for their technological sophistication and aesthetic appeal, Daikin remains at the forefront of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology.

Innovative VRF HVAC Systems

As the world's foremost expert in VRF HVAC systems, Daikin, a Japan-based company, consistently delivers some of the most technologically advanced and visually pleasing solutions available. Whether it's optimizing temperature control, enhancing energy efficiency, or elevating the aesthetics of your space, Daikin's VRV technology stands as a testament to unparalleled innovation in the air conditioning industry.

Unmatched Technological Advancements

Daikin's VRV technology goes beyond conventional air conditioning, offering variable refrigerant volume control for precise climate management. This not only ensures optimal comfort but also contributes to significant energy savings. The continuous evolution of Daikin's systems reflects a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, providing users with state-of-the-art solutions for their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.

Global Leadership and Expertise

With a legacy built on expertise and innovation, Daikin remains a global leader in the HVAC industry. Their VRV technology has not only shaped the way we approach air conditioning but has also set new standards for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Daikin's dedication to creating environmentally conscious and technologically superior solutions positions them as a trusted partner for advanced climate control.

Elevate Your Comfort with Daikin's VRV Technology

Join the ranks of those who experience superior climate control with Daikin's VRV technology. As a symbol of innovation and excellence, Daikin's VRF HVAC systems offer unmatched performance, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Trust in Daikin to bring state-of-the-art solutions that redefine the way you perceive and enjoy air conditioning.

Navigation Remote Controller (BRC1E73)

The Navigation Remote Controller has been improved to meet the needs of the growing VRV and SkyAir market.  This controller will satisfy almost any controls  requirement.  The configurable display and operation buttons will provide as  much or as little control as the project requires.

Can be used with All VRV indoor units and the FAQ, FBQ, FCQ, FHQ, FTQ  SkyAir indoor units

Daikin Intelligent Touch Manager

The intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) is an advanced multi-zone controller that controls and monitors the Daikin VRV system. The iTM can also provide a cost-effective mini Building Management System (BMS) solution to integrate and control third-party devices through optional software and hardware. If a BMS already exists, the iTM can be used as a BACnet® gateway interface for BMS integration with iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option.

Daikin VRV Indoor Units

Daikin VRV Indoor Fan Coils are wall-mounted units that are ideal for cooling or heating smaller zones such as hotel rooms, stores, computer rooms, and restaurants. The compact, stylish design lets the unit blend discreetly into any interior design, and airflow can be sent in any of five different directions and programmed via remote control.

Daikin Multi-Zone Split System

Daikin's Multi-Split Systems provide individual room comfort in a space-saving design. Connect two to four indoor units to a single outdoor unit, offering over 1,000 combinations with wall mount units, slim duct units, ceiling cassette units, or a mix. Achieve energy efficiency up to 20.2 SEER and up to 12.5 HSPF for enhanced home comfort and savings. Ideal for new builds and renovations, Daikin Multi-Split systems are the smart, reliable solution for your home.

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